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ASL’s comprehensive card issuing solution

We provide comprehensive card solutions that help enable the issuing and management of cards.

There are different types of Card solutions offered by ASL:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Prepaid cards

The issuance and management of card solutions has become complicated and increasingly weighed down by the burden of compliance. Through ASL’s Card Solution, we work through this complexity and distil into an understandable package that gets a card to market sooner.

We offer several features with ASL’s Cards solution:

  • Card Scheme Sponsorship including BIN (and sub-BIN) range management
  • Switching and Settlement
  • Card production – card manufacturing, PIN generation, card design, eco cards and distribution
  • Mobile Pays with Apple, Google and Samsung Pay

Benefiting you and your business by being:

  • Fast – let us work through the complexity for you
  • Flexible – choose to opt-in and out of the card attributes and features as required
  • Cost effective
  • Innovative – best-in-class solutions

We consider our Customer’s as Members of ASL. As a Member, you also benefit from:

  • Dedicated Account Management with access to a range of product, technical and operational resources. 24/7 monitoring and business continuity management.
  • Best-in-class payment products to support your business with ongoing thought leadership and planning to ensure future products are available when your Customers need them.
  • Payment experts available for consultation on your business and will represent your needs with key Suppliers, and industry regulators, associations.
  • Member and Product onboarding are supported by a dedicated Implementation (Project) Manager) so Members are supported at any point of these changes.

ASL have operated for over 20 years supporting Australian organisations and were the first non-bank to hold an Exchange Settlement Account (ESA). We are an approved deposit taking institution (ADI) and supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

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